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ava []
[ mood | artistic ]

lol, so out of nowhere Ava Gaudet emails me and tells me she is "myspace retarded" and matt told her about how i run his myspace, and so long story short, now i'm running Matt, Katy, and Ava's myspace pages.

not to mention mine, my theatre's, my friends' concert promoter company's, and helping out w/ Scott's, and Chrisie's, plus helping karen. wow!! lol.

i really need to start charging for this. lol. but seriously, i could turn it into a real side-business! hmmm...

anyway. just took over Ava's tonight though so absolutely nothing is started yet but expect a complete overhaul. i am 100% new to her-- never met her, or seen her, or heard her. hearing her music for the first time tonight. so funky! love it. she's super sweet and i'm really looking forward to pimping it out for her. if anyone has ideas/requests for stuff you'd like to see on her page-- please let me know! i have lots of ideas but i love suggestions.

um. haven't posted on livejournal in forever.

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hey guys...

so this week katy asked me to take over the reigns on her myspace page, which i have, and its' completely updated and changed. lots of new pics, info, links, and new downloads/tunes/fun stuff coming soon. i invite all of you to come check it out, send her a message (she reads all of them!) and/or leave a comment... but most of all, keep checking back and stay tuned for lots of big big BIG news in the coming months.

she had roughly 500 friends for over a year... adn in the last 6 days since the overhaul, she is now up to 1100 and is high on the charts of myspace "Top Artists" rankings. :-)

click the photo below to be redirected to her page. if you haven't friended her on myspace yet, please do! :-)

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why i love joshua. []
[ mood | giggly ]

OH... I have to go now, Matt is calling from the bathroom so he can shave my back!

smile! ~ spread love and recognize fear.


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oh lordddddddddd []
everyone please... just go HERE
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joshua banners? []
[ mood | working ]

hey guys... wondering if anyone has any joshuakobak.com banners handy? or know someone who does? lemme know-- thanks!

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gig. []
[ mood | working ]

Had fun last night even though some odd events occured. He had a good turnout though and that's what's mosts important.

A few teaser pics under the cut...Collapse )

I was able to bring a car w/ me so I could drive out to Queens and I took Sam & Lauren w/ me. Thank god too, b/c I just did NOT want to deal w/ the subways and buses and crap.

We ended up driving Matt home and thank god too actually b/c we all realized we had no idea how to get back to Bklyn from where we were so he became our navigator.

After we unpacked the car, Lauren Sam and I went to Bar 4 and hung out for a little bit-- lauren inhaled some booze and got hammered. Then we left and I drove the girls home and drove myself home.

I'm battling a cold so the ride back to NJ was wrought with bouts of drowsiness... but I made it home in one piece!

If you want to see more pics, check out FTYCWP later tonight. I'm gonna upload the rest of my pics after work.

Don't forget-- this saturday night @ 2am is daylight savings time. the clock is set back one hour. don't be late for work on sunday!

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mini-update []
[ mood | working ]

haha, here i am, thinking i'm all into Breaking News and whatnot, thinking of my friends andrea and briana, by posting thisCollapse ) but of course everyone knows about it already and i'm like 9 days too late. lol. oh well, i'm slow.

anyway okay update:

i got a promotion @ work. and a substantial raise thank christ and a fricken half. you are now looking at the assistant manager of the count basie theatre box office. i officially start my new position (which isn't that different from what i've been doing anyway) on the 22nd.

which reminds me: WHO WANTS FREE TICKETS?!?!?!

if you're in the nj/ny/pa/ct area, and you'd like free tix to DiCapo Opera Theatre's production of "La Boheme", or Shapiro & Smith Dance Companys production of "Anytown" (feat. the music of Bruce Springsteen, et al)... please clickCollapse )!

Anyway yea so that's nice. it's about fricken time i got a m-f'ing raise!!!!

what else....

Karen was nice enough to comp me and Sam into Miracle Brothers and I'm really happy I got to see it.

the show was so cool.

The theatre is so small and the space really intimate and close up. It's kinda stadium style seating where each row is on it's own step. The stage was on the ground level in front of you. The scenery sparse but artistic and creative and gorgeous. The lighting effects made you feel like you really were sitting on the edge of the Amazon river.

Also, before the show starts, the ceiling is made to look like the stars are out, and you hear all these rainforest sounds. The ambiance was very cool.

I LOVE Brazilian dance/music anyway so I was really happy about that. And Capoeira (the uniquely Brazilian fusion of dance and self-defense) is so amazing to watch.

Everyone in this cast can sing like hell, dance like hell, and they're all gorgeous! So many of the castmembers were people I'd loved in other shows so it was great to see them come together for this.

I definitely recommend it. And for student tix for $20 each, you can't beat it. The Vineyard Theatre is so cute too-- a very cool space.

but now it's closed, so nevermind. lol.

what else....

Ah, Joe: Neverending storyyyyyyyyyyyy... ahhh, ahhh, ahhh..... neverending storyyyyyyyyyy... c'mon sing along if you know it!!! :-p

The other night I saw 2 legends perform within 1 day of each other @ my theatre: Saturday was Bill Cosby (haha, lauren) and then Sunday was Olivia Newton John. it was so awesome to see both of them but especially Olivia. hi, idol?! cmon!! sandy!!!!!! she is fifty-fucking-eight years old and doesn't look 30. amazing. and for her Grease medley, she did a karaoke singalong w/ the audience, and wore a leather jacket. lol. she was just adorable. andddddd... my FAVORITE olivia song, she sang!!!! no, not "Xanadu"... although she did sing that too, and that was fun: but "Twist of Fate" from the terribly horrifically awesome movie "Two of a Kind" starring John Travolta. SUCHHHHHH a great song and yay she sang it, and I felt like i was 8 again, in my pink and black spandex pants, w/ my Keds w/ the rainbow neon shoelaces, labeling my Lisa Frank folders with the paint splattered rainbow baby seals, eating Bubble tape and watching MMC.

oy vey.

What else.......

Well something cool happened last week @ work: we had hold dates for Fiona Apple, Dashboard Confessional, Live, Ashlee Simpson, Jewel and RENT nat'l tour.

And this week they're all gone b/c they've all decided to go w/ other venues.

Mother. Fucker.

What else... Maggie sent me a message and signed it Love, Maggs. and i died b/c hi it's me and loves her okay great.

Tricia wants to trade some mix cd's with me, as does Karen and this guy Ben who i met on MySpace.

Speaking of myspace, wow Matt has over 1000 friends now-- i'm so happy! it's been SUCH a great thing for him and i'm super excited about it. and by the way, for those of you who don't know already-- his site's been relaunched FINALLY!!!

Click the banner to check it out:

So i dunno... i guess that's about it. work has sucked a LOT b/c my boss quit and didn't exactly tie things up neatly so everyone has been doing the work of 2 people or more, PLUS we've been so so soooo short-handed. sucks. we drink a lot of coffee.

more later i guess...

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:-) []
[ mood | ecstatic ]


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oh my god.... []
[ mood | hopeful ]

I am in love.

This guy called for tickets...
And we spent over 30 minutes on the phone...
And he is hilarious...
And oh my god I just, i don't even know we had this great conversation...
And I just kept talking and so did he and he was interested and interesting I don't even know...
And he's from LBI down on the beach...
And he's almost 21 okay young but I didn't really care...
And blah blah so friendly...
He was buying tix to Lyle Lovett/John Hiatt's show in November for his mom's 50th bday...
His card got declined (i hate telling people that-- so embarassing)...
We talked about all this other stuff while he was looking for another credit card...
Mentioned he looks "old as shit" b/c he's got long hair and a full beard...
This is where I kinda was like goddammit that's not hot, oh well he's still funny as hell...
He tells me he's just gonna drive up (almost an hour drive) to pay cash...
I am expecting him to look like someone from ZZ Top...
He walks in...

Oh my god I am in love I don't even know what the hell is going on this NEVERRRRRRR happens to me.

He is absolutely gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

Taller than me, thin and built but not musclehead built.
Hair back in a ponytail but not a greasy ugly long ponytail-- a nice normal one.
Green hat thingy Gavin DeGraw always wears.
Birkenstocks (hi I died).
Black and white baseball shirt w/ some indie band's logo on the front.
HEMP hippie necklace.
Scruffy-- not a real beard neccessarily.
Dirty blonde/brown hair.
Dark brown eyes.
Oh my god I cannot begin to tell you how big of a crush I just gained. My hands are shaking writing this.

His name is Lee.

He works as a solar installer (how fucking hot).

He is getting his BS in Environmental Studies (I want him).

Oh my gosh, he is so. He just is so. That's all.

I actually got up the nerve to ask if he was on MySpace and he said yea and I told him he should add me and I gave him my link. Okay, stupid? Maybe... but that was a BIG step for me. I don't give out numbers or crap like that and I CERTAINLY don't approach guys I'm attracted to but after spending a half hour on the phone w/ him and cracking up the whole time and then seeing how hot he was and how friendly he was okay I had to.

He took my info and was like, "sweet. i'll add you." so I hope he does.

Do you understand that I could have left work 45 minutes ago but I'm sitting here thinking about him and typing this out and listening to our conversation on my work phone b/c hi, record button rocks, and I taped the whole fuckin thing???

He smelled. So. Good. Too.

And he's into promotion and PR and so am I, and let me just tell you-- I don't even care that he's younger. I have no idea if he's interested in me-- probably not b/c they never are-- but I need to become friends with this dude. Let me add-- if I find out he's a musician of any kind-- I will soak through 17 pairs of jeans.

I am seriously crushing so hard-- and this is the first *new* crush I've had, in literally years.

I am beside myself and cannot stop thinking about this person-- this is insane.

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COMPS?! []
[ mood | working ]

Hey guys--

So this Saturday night (10-1-05) there are 2 performances of Comedy Central's tour of Drew Carey and the Improv All-Stars @ 5pm and 8pm and I have a limited amount of comps I can give out.

It's their Green Screen tour and it's Drew Carey w/ a bunch of the cast of Whose Line... (including Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Jonathan Mangum, Kathy Kinney and Laura Hall among others).

If you want comps, email me asap at alycia715@comcast.net and let me know how many you want (no limit but don't go nuts please) and for which performance and what name you want them held under.

The Count Basie Theatre is located in Red Bank, NJ.
Exit 109 off the Garden State Parkway.
Approximately one hour south of NYC for you city-dwellers.
NJ Transit train station is on the same street as the theatre (3 blocks down) and you can leave from Penn Station and get here in a little over an hour.

Hope to see (at least some of ya) there! :-)


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pics from 9/29/05! []
[ mood | working ]

So, yes, Matt made it in time. Plenty of time actually.

Played... 4 songs I think?

his new "untitled" song that I am still referring to as "Reap What I Sow", also "Divide and Conquer", "Assuming You Are", and "Europe". I suck b/c I feel like I'm forgetting one.... did he play "Yonah"?? i don't know. def the first 4 I said though.

some funny shit went down... a better review will come when i'm less frozen and tired. but for my pics from the evening (including Cary pics), click here!

Some teasers:


Sorry for the cross-post!

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Bway Flea Market 2005 pics []
[ mood | weird ]

Time for PIC-SPAM!!!!

Pics under the cutCollapse )!

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And also... these 2 shows too. []
[ mood | working ]

I can get comps to these as well.



No Direction Home ~ Bob Dylan

The Count Basie Theatre together with PBS Channel 13 and Emerging Pictures will be presenting a special Members Only Advance Screening of AMERICAN MASTERS “No Direction Home: Bob Dylan”. The film, directed by Martin Scorsese, will be shown in its entirety on Sunday, September 18, 2005 beginning at 2 PM.

Count Basie Theatre

Special members only event!

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, a Martin Scorsese picture

Sunday, September 18, 2005 2:00 PM (Part 1, 2 hour length) and 4:30 PM (Part 2, 1:45 hour length)
Presented by the Count Basie Theatre, WNET and Emerging Pictures

Tickets: Free for Count Basie Theatre Members

Count Basie Theatre, WNET and Emerging Pictures invite you to a Members Only advance screening of No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, one of the most anticipated television events of the fall season. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the intimate film biography features the first lengthy interviews Dylan has given in 20 years. With unlimited access to his music and tightly-held archives -- and revealing insights from those who were there with Dylan from the very beginning -- No Direction Home is an open window to this notoriously private singer-songwriter. Premiere PBS broadcast: Monday-Tuesday September 26-27 at 9:00 p.m. on Thirteen/WNET New York. No Direction Home is a production of Spitfire Pictures, Grey Water Park Productions, Thirteen/WNET New York's American Masters and Sikelia Productions in co-production with Vulcan Productions, Arena/BBC & NHK. Apple is the corporate underwriter of the PBS broadcast. The Count Basie Theatre's presentation of No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, is made possible by sponsorship from the Count Basie Theatre Foundation, and support from Emerging Pictures and Samsung. Admission is by invitation only for Count Basie Theatre Members. Admission is free, but tickets are required. For information in becoming a Count Basie Theatre Member, or to RSVP, call the Count Basie Theatre Box Office: 732-842-9000.


ANYTOWN - Stories of America by Shapiro and Smith Dance
with music by Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa, & Soozie Tyrell

Saturday, 10/29/05 at 8:00 PM

Presented by Count Basie Theatre
Tickets: $50, $40, $30, $20

ANYTOWN, an evening-length dance theatre presentation, is a unique artistic collaboration pairing the choreography of Danial Shapiro and Joanie Smith with the music of Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa, and Soozie Tyrell, to tell a poignant story about our families, feelings and lives in a web of need, support and desire. Inspired by the struggles of the American working-class during the years between World Wars I and II, ANYTOWN addresses the concerns of today's middle and working class using dance and movement metaphors, music from today, and digital images to create a setting that evokes both real homes, and the places where we hope and dream. "At the heart of ANYTOWN is the importance of family - the actual family you are born into, and the family you create."

Note: Bruce will not be at this event. It is just his music.

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[ mood | working ]

I'm pretty sure I can get comps to this. Who wants to go??? Comment or call me or email me.


Just so you know, this is *not* the Baz Luhrmann production that was on Broadway, but it *is* the same music/story/libretto etc.

La Boheme
Performed by the Dicapo Opera Theatre

Saturday, 10/22/05 at 8:00 PM
Red Bank, NJ (60 minute train ride from NYC)

Presented by Count Basie Theatre

Dicapo Opera Theatre is one of only three professional non-profit opera companies producing a year-round season in New York City, aside from the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Opera. Dicapo’s critically acclaimed production of Puccini’s most beloved opera tells the story of young artists struggling to find love, truth, and beauty amidst the excitement and passion of 19th century Paris. The tragic journey of a doomed romance springs to life with a youthful and energetic cast, performing with a full orchestra and English language translations projected above the stage.

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antonique? []
Yea I never read LJ... no clue if this has been mentioned elsewhere.

Antonique is going to be Mimi starting Oct. 17th??

Veddy, veddy, veddy interesting.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
[ mood | shocked ]




Please give what you can. []
[ mood | hopeful ]

I hope everyone who reads this will decide (or has already decided) to donate to your favorite reputable charity (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc). Please stay away from telemarketer donations, and unknown funds and things like that. Stick to the ones you've heard of. I know a lot of you are highschool/college students but give whatever you possibly can. Just think what a difference it would make if everyone in this nation were to donate $10. Even $5. Nobody is asking you to donate millions, just give what you can.

Babies are dying. Babies have died. Simply from not having formula to keep them fed.

Elderly are dying b/c they cannot get water. There is nowhere to put their bodies so they are being left covered by a blanket in the sweletering humidity up against walls and backed into corners.

What these people need so badly are simple things that we all take for granted, they need money to get these things. Donate now. Don't wait for the telethons. Donate now while you're thinking about it.

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ummmm...??? []
[ mood | working ]

Okay so, I encourage you all to visit the RENT blog today and vote on the first round of "RENTheads" who want to win a trip to the premiere.

I say "RENTheads" b/c some of these people (sorry) are PATHETIC and have no shot in hell of winning. I mean c'mon, this is a big contest! At least *TRY* to put some effort into your video! Jesus. Well anyway. I hope the best contestant(s) will be as obvious to you all as it was to me. Vote in this round, so we can get to the next round soon.



August 31, 2005
RENT News: Vote for your favorite RENThead!

We caught up with some RENTheads who braved the early morning hours of the Today Show and the heat of Bryant Park, and they explained why they should get to go to the world premiere of the movie RENT. Click here to watch their videos and vote for who you think is the most deserving of the honor.

We're putting up a new batch of videos for the next two weeks, so after you vote (you can vote every day if you want), come back next Wednesday to see a whole new slew of RENTheads vying to attend the premiere.

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forgot to mention... []
The Monster School sign wouldn't roll down. They tugged and tugged adn only got one corner of it down, about 7 inches. The entire audience was cracking up, and so was everyone onstage. The guy who plays Brian handed Kate Monster the check and was like, "and this is for renovations and to fix that sign".

They all had tears in their eyes, it was hilarious. I love when stuff like that happens. The show must go on!!!
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"My cup... runneth, OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!" []
Joe took me to see Avenue Q on tuesday night. Yea I know, you've all already seen it. Well it was my first time, and even though I had the cd already, nothing compared to seeing it live.


Seroiusly, so smart, hysterical, terribly inappropriate... it was great. I was surprised to see Christian Anderson up there-- his voices were great. I have a crush on Barrett Foa, it's true. What an adorable guy!!!

Anyway, it was awesome. We sat towards the back of the orchestra but that's a small theatre so it was still good. I really loved just how much they took the Sesame Street similarities. Loved the offscreen tv screens w/ the singalongs and the sounding out of words.

Excellent. I hope one day the tour will come to my theatre.

And if you're one of the few reading this who hasn't seen it yet-- Go!!!!
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